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The Black Door: “Live the lounge life.”

“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” – Steve Martin

Truly, using words to describe lounge music is nonsensical. Lounge is like an exotic drink; one that must be genuinely savored to experience its countless, delightful tastes. The fruity flavor of smooth jazz, the mellow notes of a white martini. These, along with a warm, pleasant atmosphere and a care-free vibe make up “lounge.” While it is nearly impossible to describe, lounge can be represented. Minsk’s only lounge-café, The Black Door, offers its full spectrum. Come, see for yourself!

The Black Door is a new establishment from the founding fathers of restaurant-bar Vienna, long known throughout Minsk for its great service, unique dishes and live music. The Black Door’s team has successfully integrated these fundamentals with the newest in innovative entertainment and culinary artistry.

The Black Door is an experiment in style, taste and originality. It combines subtle glamour with fine-tuned professionalism to create perfection; inside and out. The interior boasts creatively shaped, custom-designed mirrors, Minsk’s only backlit, color-changing bar, as well as a multitude of huge, High Definition screens playing only the most popular in modern music. Subtlety, luxury and leisure mix to achieve the ideal representation of the lounge-atmosphere, perfectly synonymous with The Black Door.

Music and food are staples of The Black Door. The establishment offers Minsk’s only photo-menu, a wide variety of Europe’s greatest culinary accomplishments, Far Eastern dishes and a plethora of tasty delicacies courtesy of Head Chef and creative genius Elena Sulgich. Other highlights include an aesthetically pleasing, thematically organized cocktail card, a huge selection of quality wines (not the least of which are exclusive offerings from the Bordeaux and Burgundy varieties) and liquors, as well as a special menu for patrons of our comfortable, well-furnished Summer Terrace.

Musically, The Black Door is a mecca for adherents to all genres. The styles of unobtrusive Dub-step, summer Funk, Jazz, meditative Chill-out, and Lounge by expert DJ’s and international performers all have their place in our repertoire. We sponsor cooperative musical projects with top promo-groups, host live music performed by jazz and lounge collectives, throw thematic parties and boast a DJ-bar tended by our resident DJs Shelest and Yulii Metelsky. As if that weren’t enough, additional treats, offers and surprises from the creators of The Black Door are always just around the bend!

The Black Door: “Live the lounge life.” Why not?

Our Story

They say that the new is simply the long-forgotten old. This applies perfectly to our new establishment. Without the strong tradition that underlies the modernity of The Black Door, its luxuriously casual lounge style and the aesthetic choices that accompany it would create an incomplete masterpiece. Despite the fact that the club officially launched its operations in the fall of 2007, its roots can be traced back another 15 years. Restaurant-bar Vienna first opened its doors in 1992, serving those Minskovites and patrons of the capital that truly valued style and quality service. Today, Vienna needs no introduction. Our fantastic foods, jovial atmosphere and satisfied patrons speak for themselves. They make up the signature style of Vienna and serve as the solid tradition in which The Black Door is deeply rooted. Qualified administrators, professional barmen, rigorously Vienna-trained waiters and Head Сhef Elena Sulgich (who has weathered trials and gained experience in Moscow’s top restaurants) are all part of The Black Door’s team.

The Black Door is a true gem for genuine connoisseurs that are willing to pay money for style and impeccable work. Exotic cocktails and shimmering Swarovski crystalware are only the beginning! The Black Door throws only the hottest parties, with the VIP patrons often including famous businessmen, movie stars, professional athletes, Minsk’s top DJs and Western musical celebrities. The founders of The Black Door promise their visitors endless innovation, constant improvement and only the very best. Remember, behind the Black Door, anything is possible!

Head Chef

Our Head Chef: Elena Sulgich

“We work hard for those who know their way around delicious and aesthetically-pleasing food.” - Elena Sulgich

“The same dish is never quite the same dish.”

It is difficult to combat this wise witticism of French writer Alen Lobro, but, armed with the twin weapons of professionalism and bravery, lounge-bar The Black Door has done just that.

“We were the first in Minsk to have taken the risky step of introducing a photographic menu,” reveals The Black Door’s Head Chef Elena Sulgich. “It was an extraordinarily brave and serious step because now, each dish has to adhere strictly to its photograph regardless of the chef’s mood or preference at the time of preparation. By introducing the photo-menu, we have instated full quality control for any dish that comes out of our kitchen. In 90% of cases, if a dish looks exactly the same as its picture, it also tastes the same. Our frequent patrons instantly appreciated the idea, as they were able to see exactly what they were ordering, and were therefore less fearful in sampling choices made with exotic ingredients.”

“For example?”

“Oh, where to even begin? We use a wide variety of ingredients that are foreign to typical Belarusian cuisine such as foie gras (goose or duck liver), New Zealand lamb, marbled beef, scallops, etc. Here are several selections from our menu that include ingredients Belarusians find unique: “Stewed rabbit legs with potatoes, eggplant, basil leaves and herbes de Provence”, “Foie gras with white mushroom confit, arugula and black truffle sauce”, and “Devilfish ink risotto with king prawns, mussels and dried tomatoes.”

“Do you think it is possible to trace the evolution of your patrons’ tastes and preferences from the good old Vienna days to the present?”

“Absolutely! Frequent patrons of Vienna loved our staple Ukrainian borscht and chicken cutlets with mashed potatoes. Today, that same borscht has been improved with the addition of lamb-on-the-bone and various garlic-infused spices, maintaining its past popularity. Still, with time, tastes change. People are now traveling more often, sampling foods from all different parts of the globe. Consequently, they are starting to expect increasingly uncommon dishes and creative decisions from our kitchen. In our efforts to meet these expectations, we have introduced dishes such as “Stewed guinea fowl legs in red wine with root vegetables and dried-plum stew” and “Cooled Mediterranean sea bass baked in butter paper with potatoes, cherry tomatoes, white wine and herbes de Provence.”

“Sounds fantastic! How else do you spoil your patrons?”

“Well, we recently developed a Summer Menu to accompany the grand opening of our Summer Terrace. It offers a wide range of delicious and mostly seasonal options such as crisp, fresh salads, vegetable side dishes and, of course, freshly-squeezed juices. In addition, it boasts a Freshly Grilled section, with all selections prepared to order on our outdoor grill.

“So far, The Black Door has hosted many thematic parties and events. Has any of that bled over into your collective culinary undertakings?”

“One of our most interesting and popular thematic projects thus far has been “International Cuisine.” Each day of the week was assigned a country or region and offered that location’s staple cultural foods. For example, on Mondays we served Russian dishes such as pickled herring with boiled potatoes and herbs, Siberian dumplings, and mushroom broth with quail meat. In short, we served all the favorites that are oh-so-dear to the Russian culture. On Tuesdays, patrons could sample dishes from the Southeast Asian region. These included Udon noodle soup with spinach and shrimp, Thai sweet-and-sour beef, and turkey hotchpot with coconut milk and curry. Our “International Cuisine” Wednesdays were also extremely popular, since our patrons seemed to have quite the taste for Central Asian and Caucasian cuisine. We used tried and true preparation methods for famous Caucasian plov (a specially seasoned rice dish) and only the choicest mutton in that and other meat dishes. Tartar women who had been cooking their ethnic food since childhood actually came in and taught our chefs! After some lessons, our kitchen staff created sample dishes for their instructors. I’m proud to say that each dish was deemed excellent by true cultural professionals.”

“ Wow! And, as I recall, Thursday had something to do with fish and seafood?”

“Correct. Seabass with spinach, asparagus, and a side of potatoes, halibut fillet served with mashed potatoes and red caviar under a Martini sauce, and home-style crab salad served with scallop carpaccio and langoustines on a bed of exotic tartar. All of these are examples of Mediterranean cuisine, which has also been well-loved by our patrons. No surprise, as Mediterranean dishes are generally light, low-calorie and extremely healthy.

“And finally, Friday…”

“Ahh, Friday…that’s Italy! That means a huge selection of uniquely prepared pastas, ‘Nice’ salad with tuna and bean sprouts, Bresaola (air-dried, salted and aged Italian beef) with arugula and cherry tomatoes, and of course, deep-fried Camembert served with a red wine and berry sauce.”

“I’m afraid it will no longer be possible to continue this conversation. My stomach may get the better of me…”

“And we would welcome it with open arms! We are glad to receive any individuals that possess the imagination, the desire to experiment and the bravery to appreciate culinary artistry! With our offerings of the best in Belarusian, European, and Japanese cuisines (just to name a few), we work hard for those who know their way around delicious and aesthetically-pleasing food.”

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