BAR Vienna

Bar Vienna is one of the first foreign bars to open in the city of Minsk. Time-tested, and with its own unique history, soul, and vibe, our establishment has seen a lot.

Over the past 20 years, the most explosive parties and the most exclusive events have taken place here...just imagine: One particular night, it was literally impossible to get in. The bar, with an occupancy of 30 people, was packed with over 150! What a sight to see! Loud laughter, merry people everywhere, all dancing to hot, exciting music performed live in funk, soul, jazz, blues, pop, and rock and roll styles, to name a few.

Here, we have only the best times, music,! To this day, Bar Vienna is famous for its world-class kitchen, working day and night to cater to your cravings. We also offer a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, with our expansive wine list featuring products of France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Our cocktail card boasts a rich selection of exotic, classic, and original blends to satisfy connoisseur, amateur, and everyone in between!

For our dear sports fans, we here at Bar Vienna broadcast major sporting events as they take place, because we appreciate you and just can't resist putting our LCD TV's and professional projector setup to good use!

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Address: Минск, ул. В. Хоружей 29
Telephones:     +375 29 3 344 344,    +375 17 3 344 344