Hookah: Fruit Bowl

  • Water Base - 260.000
  • Milk Base - 280.000
  • Juice Base - 285.000
  • Wine Base - 360.000
  • Hard Liquor Base - 370.000

Hookah: Regular Bowl

  • Water Base – 210.000
  • Milk Base – 240.000
  • Juice Base – 245.000
  • Wine Base – 310.000
  • Hard Liquor Base – 320.000

Hookah: Pineapple Bowl

  • Water Base – 550.000
  • Milk Base – 570.000
  • Juice Base – 575.000
  • Wine Base – 650.000
  • Hard Liquor Base – 660.000

Hookah: Nicotine-Free

  • Regular Bowl – 280.000
  • Fruit Bowl – 330.000

Hookah: V.I.P

Four bowls of assorted flavors rotated every 20 minutes - Price: 650.000

Flavors and Signature Blends:


The dense, spicy smoke of this blend will whisk you into a tale from A Thousand and One Nights: double apple, blackberries, cardamom, plum, cinnamon. Served in a ceramic bowl, water in the base.

Price: 210.000


Truly a fresh take on freshness: mint, vanilla, lemon, cherry, pineapple. Served in a fresh grapefruit bowl, white or red wine in the base.

Price: 360.000


This flavor turns delightful evenings into passionate nights: coffee, Red Bull, Sex on the Beach, peach, apple. Served in a big, ripe grapefruit bowl, hard liquor in the base.

Price: 370.000

Smooth Velvet

The smooth smoke of this blend will caress you like a silk handkerchief: grape, kiwi, watermelon, guava, tobacco. Served in a fresh grapefruit bowl, milk in the base.

Price: 280.000


This blend inspires curiosity and wonder in even the most seasoned of smokers with its intriguing, spicy flavor: pomegranate, cigar tobacco, licorice, pineapple, assorted fruit. Served in a pineapple bowl, grape or pineapple juice in the base.

Price: 280.000


Gentle and light, this flavor will certainly strike the fancy of the fairer sex's most refined representatives: jasmine, banana, cantaloupe, strawberry, chocolate. We recommend a pineapple bowl, with pineapple juice in the base.

Price: 575.000


For those opposed to nicotine who still enjoy a smoke with friends: tangerine, lime, whiskey, apple, blackberries. Prepared in a special bowl for longer lasting flavor and denser smoke.

Price: 280.000

Smoking Hookah: Rules and Etiquette

Hookah has been around for hundreds of years, and while stringent rules and regulations regarding its use would defeat its purpose, which is to have a fun, relaxing time, we think offering some traditional guidelines is in order:

  • Hookah bowls are designed for hookah tobacco, and so it is inadvisable to attempt smoking any other kind.
  • Hookah tobacco is not supposed to char or burn. Rather, it is supposed to "melt", producing clouds of dense white smoke. This effect is achieved by proper preparation of the hookah.
  • It is best to smoke hookah on a full stomach in a calm, relaxing environment.
  • It is considered a serious breach of etiquette to use hookah coals to light your cigarette.
  • If a host, by his own hand, offers a guest the hose, it is considered a sign of great respect.
  • It is disrespectful to offer unsolicited advice to others on how to smoke hookah. Each smokes as he pleases.

Our establishment is pleased to offer assorted teas to complement our various hookah flavors:

  • For Nicotine-Free flavors: Green Sencha with low caffeine content
  • For Fresh flavors: Green, semi-fermented Oolong
  • For Stimulating flavors: Black, small leaf Keemun
  • For Eastern flavors: Rose hip tea with hibiscus flowers
  • For Piquant flavors: Black Earl Grey with Bergamot Orange
  • For Smooth Velvet flavors: Green tea with jasmine
  • For Feminine flavors - Black, large leaf Darjeeling

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