Hours: Sunday -  Wednesday 11 pm – 6 am, Thursday - Friday – Saturday, 12 am – 9 am

As you may know, our capital has an active, exciting nightlife.

“Where should we go? What should we do? Where can we have the most fun?”

These are the questions that haunt the minds of people looking to spend a fulfilling night out. Night clubs are noisy; far from relaxed. And as the Russian saying goes, after a few shots of fine spirits, “the soul starts to sing.” That’s why, especially for those with singing souls, we have developed an all-week karaoke program where each may demonstrate their vocal abilities to themselves and their friends, sing their all-time favorite songs, dance a little and have a few drinks; all while enjoying our kitchen’s exquisite food! With us, your night out is sure to turn into a paradise of music and fine dining.

The exclusive atmosphere of The Black Door attracts people from all walks of life. That is, not only will your singing stand out among our young partygoers, but will also be appreciated by famous artists, producers and businessmen as well.

Best of all, it is not necessary to have exceptional vocal proficiency for your performance to sound great! Our professional sound directors and back-vocalists will support you along the way.

You can perform any song you desire: the extensive catalog of The Black Door contains over 35,000 Russian and international musical compositions by all of your favorite artists. If, by chance, the song of your choice is not listed in our catalog, our sound directors will prepare musical accompaniment as well as providing the lyrics for you to sing it anyway!

Our professional-grade, acoustic system AST-100 is produced by the reputable English company Martin Audio, and is coupled with our radio-quality SHURE microphones to guarantee a faultless environment for a wonderful performance. For your further convenience, our main space boasts TWO huge projector screens as well as NINE additional LCD panels with HD displays. Finally, the luxurious interior design of The Black Door is sure to make your time in the spotlight equal to that of a musical star!

Rules and Regulations of the Karaoke Program:


1. The Black Door is a privately-owned establishment, and reserves the right to deny anyone entry without delving into reasons and arguments. Individuals under the influence of drugs/alcohol, as well as those that are inappropriately dressed will not be permitted to enter.

2. If a patron of the establishment disturbs the peace or offends another patron/staff member in any way, club administration reserves the right to escort said individual from the premises. In the event of escorted removal from the premises, entry fees are not refunded.

3. A “Voice Control” system is active in the club. In the event that a patron’s karaoke performance is EXCEPTIONALLY off-key or unbearable (in the opinion of club administration), the establishment reserves the right to deny said individual further performances.

4. The following is prohibited on the premises of The Black Door:

- The use/distribution of illegal narcotics;

- The possession of any weapons/firearms;

- Sleeping;

- Speaking in a manner that may be offensive to other patrons/staff

- Forcefully taking the microphone from another patron

- Touching/attempting to self-tune any kind of club-owned equipment

- Breaking dishes and/or damaging any kind of club-owned property

- Dropping the microphones or knocking them against any other objects. The establishment will demand compensation from any patron that drops, knocks around, or damages a microphone (see price list.)

5. Participation in the karaoke program requires the payment of an entry fee (see price list.) Fees are paid only at entry; performances do not require further payment. After payment at entry, club administration puts a designative bracelet on the patron’s wrist that is NOT to be taken off for the entire duration of that night’s karaoke program. If this rule is violated, club administration reserves the right to charge the patron for entry more than once.

6. Before the beginning of the karaoke program (hours designated in the schedule) patrons may enter the club/restaurant free of charge. Patrons have the right to remain on the premises after the beginning of the program without paying further fees, so long as they are sitting at tables that do not participate in the karaoke program (check with administrators for details.) Anyone wishing to participate in the karaoke program must pay the necessary entry fee (see price list.)

7. Patrons may each sing a single song as per the queue established by the numerical order of tables. The number of songs allowed per table depends upon the following:

a) The total of the seated patrons’ order (see price list);

b) The table’s status: Standard-status tables are allowed 1 song per round, VIP-tables are allowed 2 songs per round (VIP-status can be bought by any table (see price list).) If a patron has paid the fee for performing a song out of turn, they are given priority over even the VIP tables.

8. Once a patron has selected a song from the provided catalog, they must write its name or number on the notepad at their table. Next to the song’s name or number, they may also specify desired alterations to the song (such as tempo.) Finally, the sheet they used must be torn out of the notepad and given to the karaoke program host, who then puts all of the selected songs into a queue.

9. Patrons are presented with the opportunity to bring in their own edited, musical tracks to replace the musical accompaniment of their chosen song. These can be played using club equipment.

10. If it comes time for them to sing as per the queue and the patron is missing from their table, they automatically miss their turn in the queue and have to wait for the next round.

11. Tables have the right to gift/transfer their turn in the queue to another table or our back-vocalists.

12. Once the karaoke program has ended (hour designated in the schedule) , patrons have the right to pay for an extension of karaoke program work hours (see price list.)

We sincerely hope that the aforementioned rules will not be perceived as strict or unjust, and wish to remind our patrons that they exist for their comfort and safety.

Price List

Title Price
Entry on weekdaysfree

Entry on weekends, holidays, and days directly preceding holidays


Performance with one microphone and one ADDITIONAL microphone


Performance with THREE microphones (another additional microphone)

50 000

Performance of your chosen piece by the back-vocalists

600 000

Performance of your chosen piece out of turn

900 000

A dance with a back-vocalist

500 000

Performance of your chosen piece by the program host

900 000

VIP-status for your table (gives a table the right to perform 2 songs per round)

1 500 000
A table automatically receives VIP-status if the total order (excluding entry fees)  exceeds 4,000,000 rubles

Performance of a chosen piece from your OWN mp3 player with one provided microphone

DVD recording of all the songs you perform on a given night of the karaoke program600 000

Dropping or knocking around a club-owned microphone

1 000 000

Damaging a club-owned microphone (full cost of microphone)

6 000 000

Crazy Menu
Title Price

Performance of your chosen piece by an administrator

950 000

Performance of THEIR chosen piece by a chosen waiter/waitress

600 000

Performance of THEIR chosen piece by the general manager

5 000 000

Performance of a piece by the owner of the establishment

30 000 000

Purchase of any piece of attire worn by the staff

prices negotiated situationally

Close the club and send the entire staff home for the night

60 000 000

Buy every woman in the club a round of champagne

price of the champagne 

Have all of the waiters/waitresses call you “Your Highness” and “Master” for the night

3 500 000

Order an exclusive show/event program just for you

prices negotiated situationally

Make your own cocktail

950 000

Extension of club work hours by 30 min

3 000 000

Extension of club work hours by 1 hour

5 000 000

Extension of club work hours every 30 min after that

4 000 000

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